We invite you to play with us in Sonoma in our regularly scheduled games on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Monday and Wednesday our games are Open Pairs staring at 11:30 am. Our game finishes in time for you to start home ahead of Rush Hour traffic.

Our 449er Tuesday game is limited to players who are non-life masters with less than 500 masterpoints and starts at noon playing 18 to 20 boards.

Between now and the end of the year we have many games scheduled which provide opportunites for extra points for all.

Our Schedule is as follows:

Club Appreciation Games: October 24, 25, 26

Upgraded Club Championship Games: November 7, 8, 9 and November 14, 15, 16.

Royal Sectional Tournament at Clubs (Royal STAC) Gold Points Available: December 5, 6, 7.

Club Championship Games: December 12, 13, 14.

All games are played at The Sonoma Moose Lodge locate at 20580 Broadway Sonoma.

If you need a partner for Monday or Wednesday, contact Eileen Holsten at 707-933-1444.

If you need a partner for Tuesday, contact John Coulston at 707-696-7937.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 707-694-7164 or

Join us for extra points and extra fun.

Hope to see you in Sonoma, Barb Lemme

2022 - 04

Newsletter for Napa/Solano/Sonoma

By Sigrid Price

Finally, we see the light at the end of the tunnel! Masking is no longer required when we are out and about, and a fourth booster shot is available for most of us. I read an interesting statistic from ACBL the other day: The average age of Unit 512's membership is 76 and a few months; isn't that amazing! Perhaps we should be enticing our grandchildren to learn our wonderful game. Vintage Duplicate Bridge Club will not hold a game on April 27th at the Moose Lodge so please mark your calendars appropriately.

The VDBC Pro/Am game held March 30th was an enormous success with 18.5 tables in attendance. It was very much like the "good old days" at Vintage House with many players attending for the first time. Winners were as follows: Strat A: 1st overall: Brian Sullivan & Jonathan Cohen, followed by Robert Keays & Nancy Rude, Knud Rasmussen & Cyde Smith and in fourth place Barry Walner & Richard Tebay Strat B: Brian Sullivan & Jonathan Cohen (again!) with Richard Keays & Nancy Rude (again!) holding second; Barry Walner & Richard Tebay took third with Lois Lourie and Dan Harp close behind Strat C: Gwen Davey & Fern Menzildjian took first, Arlene Holt & Richard Davis were second, Sylvia Landt & Roger Bohl held third and Britt-Marie Eldred & Mary Bevins placed fourth Despite an unfortunate reaction to a new medication by one of our players and the arrival of paramedics, George Gordon did a remarkable job keeping the game moving and filling in. It is unclear where Randy Hoyle and David Becker would have placed in this event as their game was severely interrupted. I think they should plan to partner for the next special event. The afflicted player is recovering nicely and will be returning to the tables very soon.

Word on the street is that we have a new Silver Life Master in our midst: Marsha Horowitz has earned the rank. Congratulations, Marsha! Now Tom (you know who you are!), this means that Marsha should see a beautiful piece of silver jewelry soon, right? Masks are no longer required at Clyde Smith's Friday game so if that's what has been keeping you away...come on back! Clyde guarantees if you come without a partner you will play.

I am waiting for the final results of the Royal STaC games that were held the week of March 28th, hosted across three districts. The good news is that the STaC games brought more people back to the tables. I know some of our players did well and will be glad to report the finals in the near future.

There is no good way to share the following news. Two of our members recently joined the angels and perhaps are holding cards and enjoying a bridge game with those who went before them.

Kathy Ann Wilson was a regular at Napa Valley Bridge Club and Vintage Duplicate Bridge Club, generally playing with Swan Day. Despite her years of battling lung cancer, she always had a smile and warm word for her opponents. She loved playing bridge and going to tournaments when possible. Kathy once told me she was a "walking advertisement for Keytruda" and that the drug had kept her alive far beyond her expectations. I know we will all miss her at the table.

Malcolm Scott, always partnered with Peg Remaklus, was a great competitor and fearless at the bridge table. He and Peg put our unit's name on the map more than once with their achievements in tournaments. Malcolm enjoyed traveling and unfortunately, during a cruise two years ago with his wife he developed pneumonia and never fully recovered. Peg tells me that Malcolm was "never afraid of going down" and they played online every day he was able, earning over 250 masterpoints, and achieved the status of Bronze Life Master. He lived to celebrate his 91st birthday.

2021 - 12

Newsletter for Napa/Solano/Sonoma

By Sigrid Price

There have been a lot of changes lately. Please remember to thank John Shribbs and Roger Bohl for their hard work putting together a new website for our unit. If you haven't already, go to and check it out. Their efforts have improved the website tremendously and now answers to most of your questions are just a click away.

In case you haven't yet heard, Vintage Duplicate Bridge Club's Monday and Wednesday games are officially located at the Moose Lodge located at 20589 Broadway, Sonoma. Forgive a bit of nostalgia from me, but I find the Moose Lodge so homey and reminiscent of our days at the Sea Scouts building in Napa, which many of you will remember. The Lodge lends itself to hospitality and best of all ... it has a bar! Games begin at noon and proof of vaccination is required, masks optional. The Tuesday game for 499ers remains at the Vintage House for the time being, games start at 1:00. The games have yet to reach pre-covid levels for tables, but the numbers are improving, and we all know, there is nothing like face-to-face bridge. Enjoy the pictures of the last day at Vintage house and first day at the Moose Lodge. Special thanks to the Board of Vintage Duplicate Bridge Club who facilitated the move to the Moose Lodge.

The current board is Barbara Lemme (pres, Victoria Bonnington (vp), Carol Werne (sec), Barry Walner (treas) and Rick Davis, Sandy Hicks, Joanne Wegsten and Eileen Holsten.

Clyde Smith's Friday game at Napa Senior Center is thriving and remember, Clyde guarantees that if you come without a partner, you will play. He often fills in and anyone should be glad to have a game with him; he makes directing and play at the same time practically seamless. The Friday games begin at 12:45.

Here's the latest about the Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs: Masterpoints: Mini-McKenney Ace of Clubs 0-5 Cynthia Cope/Laura Shaw Laura Shaw/Cynthia Cope 5-20 Robert Bruce/Carole Kupsoff Same 20-50 Larry Pollard/Jean Behse John Coulson/Jean Behse 50-100 Sylvia Landt/Jody Bugg Jody Bugg/Marge Sheridan 100-200 Cynthia Crawford/Kathy Ann Wilson Same 200-300 Helen Bohl/Chiong-Yuan Han Same 300-500 Claudia Sims/Gwen Davey Same 500-1000 Carol Fraser/Rick Davis Same 1000-1500 Lilyan Frank/Barbara Lemme Same 1500-2500 Dan Harp/Kathleen Smith Same 2500-3500 Clyde Smith/Anita Pensler Same 3500-5000 Joanne Wegsten Same 5000-7500 Tom Jacobson/Neil Stern Same In the 50-100 category Jody better get busy, Marge is inches away from overtaking her; Cynthia Crawford has a strong lead in the 100-200 category, as does Helen Bohl in the 200-300 (my money is on them); Rick Davis will have to go into overtime to catch Carol Fraser. The "too close to call" races are the 1000-1500 and 1500-2500 categories: Barbara Lemme is snapping at Lilyan Frank's heels and Dan Harp's lead of .20 ahead of Kathleen Smith is in serious jeopardy; it's anybody's guess who will take the prize. Tom Jacobson has only a 1.59 lead over Neil Stern. Winners will be announced in the next edition of the DIR.

Congratulations to Jean Behse and Ted Quayle who are now Sectional Masters and Robert Bruce who is now a Club Master. Please join me in welcoming Sylvan Karfiol, Tammy McDonald, Don Moor and Robert Stinson, all of whom recently transferred into Unit 512. And a special welcome goes to Timothy Crew of Rio Vista, a new member of ACBL and our unit. John Krebs of Rio Vista recently passed away and will be missed at the tables.

Season's Greeting to you all...however you celebrate the holidays we wish you joy, good health, good times, good friends and good food! Hope to see you all in Monterey at the regional the first week in January!

2021 - 10

Newsletter for Napa/Solano/Sonoma

By Sigrid Price

What's new with 512? After more than 10 years of writing this column the incredible Tom Sheahan handed off his pen and asked that someone else convey the news of Unit 512. He's a really tough act to follow; were we in a room with our members I know we would all October 2021 Page 9 of 20 rise and give him the standing ovation he deserves. When you see Tom next please thank him personally. If I wore a hat, I would definitely tip it in his director and bow deeply! And by the way, Tom has achieved a real milestone in his bridge endeavors having passed 1000 masterpoints recently so in addition to thanking him for his service to Unit 512, we also congratulate him on his significant achievement with bridge. So, what are we up to? We no longer have games online, it's all live bridge at Rio Vista Bridge Club (610 St. Francis Way, Rio Vista, on Thursdays at 11:00), Napa Valley Bridge Club (Napa Senior Center, 1500 Jefferson St, Napa) at 12:45 or Vintage Duplicate Bridge Club (Vintage Senior Center, Sonoma) at 12:00 on Wednesdays and Friday for Open Games, Tuesdays at 12:30 for 499ers. Nothing wrong with a little advertising! Vaccinations are required in Sonoma, each site has slightly different rules dictated by the location. Napa Valley Bridge Club has nothing but "extra points" games scheduled for the rest of the year, as does Vintage Duplicate Bridge come and play a little live bridge with us! Just have a mask on hand because we follow local regulations. Everyone is welcome. Vintage Duplicate Bridge Club will be moving to the Moose Lodge in December. For reasons still known only to the management of Vintage House in Sonoma the club was not afforded the opportunity to renew it's contract there. It's a new venue and will be just fine, bridge players just want to play bridge! VDBC has arranged a pot luck to entice players back to the table on October 20th just following the game. If you are interested, come to the game on the 20th and be sure to bring something to contribute to the pot luck later. Everyone is welcome (especially if they bring along an adult beverage). As for rank advancements: Our newest Club Master is Laurence Pollard; Jody Bugg and Sylvia Landt advanced to Regional LM; Robert Watson is now a Silver LM and Sheila Malinowski is our newest Ruby LM. Congratulations to all! The Ace of Clubs and Mini McKinney races are going into the final quarter and I will announce winners at the end of the year. Here's how it stands at the moment: 0-5 mps: Robert Bruce followed by Carole Kupsoff 20-50 msp: John Coulson with Jean Behse snapping at his heels 50-100 mps: Jody Bugg followed closely by Sylvia Landt 100-200 mps: Cynthia Crawford, Janice Vad second 200-300 mps: Helen Bohl with a healthy lead over Lana Stanley 300-500 mps: Claudia Sims over Gwen Davey October 2021 Page 10 of 20 500-1000 mps: Carol Fraser, Richard Davis second 1000-1500 mps: Lilyan Frank with Carol Clements following 1500-2500 mps: Dan Harp first, Kathleen Smith in hot pursuit 2500-3500 mps: Clyde Smith with a strong lead over Anita Pensler 3500-5000 mps: Joanne Westen...alone! 5000-7500 mps: Tom Jacobson ahead of Neil Stern Good for all of you! Three months to go and the winners could easily change, go for the masterpoints! This has been a rough year for our Unit, not unlike what all the other units are experiencing, but we are gradually rebuilding our foundations and will surely be stronger once we overcome this darned pandemic! Our games are live...come and join us!


Newsletter for Napa/Solano/Sonoma

By Tom Sheahan

Let the games begin! That’s the usual cry when the Olympics start up and that’s the cry of Unit 512 when both of these internationally acclaimed sporting events will start up again this July. It’s been a long 16 months since the cards hit the table and players are raring to get back at it. It will be great to play again, but even greater to see the many friends we haven’t seen since the pandemic started. There’s been a real void in our lives not being able to socialize with July 2021 Page 13 of 34 friends we’ve known for many years. The Sonoma club will have its first game at the Vintage House on Monday July 12th. There are of course new safety restrictions. Players will have to show their vaccination card the first time they play and the Vintage House has requested that we enter the building through the side door. The games in July will be on Monday and in August we will start playing on both Monday and Wednesday and the Tuesday 499er game will also resume. There will be a slight adjustment period to get things back to normal again so we’ll have to show a little patience. No food will be served so be prepared for that. The negotiations to start up again were anything but easy and many thanks go out to Sandy Hicks and the board of directors for their effort. Be sure to thank the board consisting of John Coulston, Rick Davis, Brooke Farkas, Jay Gardner, Eileen Holsten, Molly Johnston, Karen Rocco, and Marge Sheridan. They all did a special job in getting us back to the tables again. Clyde and Kathleen Smith have taken over running the Friday Napa game. Masks will be required to play there, but that could change once things calm down a little more. Vaccinations will also be needed. They are starting play on the 16th of this month with a new starting time of 12:45. No food will be served so bring a snack if you so desire. The Rio Vista game has already begun with a new day and starting time. The new time will be 11:00 on Thursdays. Vaccinations are needed, but masks are not. Check with Sue Vogtlin for details. Congratulations go out to Kathleen Smith who attained the status of Gold Life Master with an impressive collection of 2500 points. Yes, we do have some excellent players in our Unit! Russell Quinnell recently got his 7000th point, Dan Harp went over 2000 points, and John Shribbs reached Silver Life Master with a total of 1000 points. Well deserved by all! Unfortunately there is some bad news along with all the good news of this month. We have lost 3 players over the course of the past few months. Our good friend Sheila Patterson passed away. We played many a knockout session at tournaments with Sheila and her partner Barbara Lemme. Her favorite bridge story was when we played a knockout against a team of Colonels from the Pentagon in the Reno Nationals years ago. They let it be known to us who they were and how we should be impressed and intimidated by their status, but they lost a bit of their swagger when we went ahead by July 2021 Page 14 of 34 84 IMPs after 12 boards. We certainly miss all the good times we had with her and John. Dale Oleson also passed away. It was always fun to play against him and his longtime bridge partner George Kieffer at table #1 in Napa. For some reason, it always seemed to be the wildest hands of the day when we played them. John Garvey also passed away a few months ago in Sonoma. John was as good a guy that you could meet at the tables. Always had a smile on his face and played the game the way it should be played. Get well quick to Curt Jeschke who suffered a stroke. Curt is another of the many good people we have in the game and we hope to see him back soon.

2021 - 02

Newsletter for Napa/Solano/Sonoma

By Tom Sheahan

Anyone know any good jokes? There’s not a lot of bridge news to bring you these days. I have talked to several people in our unit and the feeling is mutual that we all can’t wait to get back to the tables and be with our friends again. One thing that has hit home with me is that I really miss the game, but miss the players a lot more. Let’s get everyone vaccinated and play bridge again! Luckily the over 75 group will be at the front of the line for the vaccine. We did actually have a few players that reached milestones with some online play. Congratulations go out to Joanne Wegsten who attained Sapphire Life Master recently by accumulating her 3500th master point. Theila Smith reached 2000 master points and Peg Remaklus and Patty Shribbs made Bronze Life Master with 500 points. We hope your New Year will be safe and healthy and hope to see you back at the tables very soon!

2020 - 12

Newsletter for Napa/Solano/Sonoma

By Tom Sheahan

Hello to everyone. It feels like years since we’ve all seen each other and we all really miss each other. Once in awhile, we’ll see someone from the unit we haven’t seen in 9 months and it’s like old home week. It’s really great to see them and it usually results in long conversations about what we’re all doing. Let’s hope the vaccine arrives soon and we can all be together again. It’s been too long, but in the meantime, stay safe. This virus can hit anyone at any time and it can be nasty especially to people in our age bracket. The news is not good. Marilyn Edwardes recently passed away after some health issues. We always enjoyed being with Marilyn as she was one of the really nice people in our unit. She started playing about the same time we did and we enjoyed her company for many years. She will be greatly missed. We did have some players reach milestones during these trying times. Congratulations go out to Theila Smith who reached 2000 points and to Renate Bialy and Roger Bohl who became Bronze Life Masters by picking up their 500th points. Well done by all! Have a Happy Holidays! It sure won’t be the same as usual, but keep the faith that we’ll all be seeing each other soon.


Newsletter for Napa/Solano/Sonoma

By Tom Sheahan

This is the worst of times that Unit 512 has ever endured. We now have wild fires to endure again for the fourth straight year to go along with the Covid-19 pandemic. This column is being written 11 days before you will see it so we don’t know yet how many of our players will be impacted by the fires and we can only hope and pray that everyone will be safe and no one will lose their home. The virus and not being able to be with our bridge friends was bad enough and we didn’t think it could get any worse, but it has. The even worse news is that we lost two more long time players in John Kardash and Bill Wells, both very likable players. John had some health issues of late, but that didn’t hold him back from being his usual cheery self at the tables and he never complained. Bill lost his wife Pat of 50 plus years a couple of months ago and they did everything together. Bill missed her dearly. I’m proud to say that John and Bill were both friends of mine and they will be greatly missed. The only good news we have is that Clyde Smith earned his 2500th point to become a Gold Life Master. Clyde would have earned it a long time ago if he hadn’t been so generous with his time to direct the Friday game in Napa for many years. For some reason those rocket scientists all seem to make great players. Congratulations Clyde! Richly deserved!

2020 - 07

Newsletter for Napa/Solano/Sonoma

By Tom Sheahan

There are still no in person games, but our players are still getting their names in lights. Congratulations to Lynn Dondero, who made Life Master by sitting in his living room. Lynn picked up a needed Silver point in an online game to go over the top. He and Karen Rocco were victorious a month earlier in an online Regional game and made a nice haul of 27 Gold points. Lynn also made Bronze Life Master as did Karen in the previous month. Congratulations Lynn! Well deserved! George Gordon is doing his usual great job of directing in the Sonoma online game on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. You play 18 boards in 2 1/2 hours so give it a try. Stay safe out there!