Please join us:


 20580 Broadway

 Sonoma, CA   95476

 Open Game

Monday & Wednesday @ 11:30am

Director George Gordon

Partnerships: Adrienne Varin 707-337-7472

Non-Life Master Game 

Tuesday @ 11:30am (0 - 499 mps)

Director Tony Jackson

Lesson 11:30, Game at Noon  

Partnerships: John Coulston 707-696-7937

2024 Special Games Dates

Monday & Wednesday

January 8, 10 Junior Fund Game

15, 17 Junior Fund Game

22, 24 Junior Fund Game

29, 31 Junior Fund Game

February 5, 7 Education Fund Game

12, 14   Education Fund Game

19, 21   Club Appreciation

26, 28   Education Fund Game

March 4, 6       Club Membership

11, 13   Club Championship 

18, 20   Unit Championship

April 1, 3       Charity Game

8, 10     Charity Game

15, 17   Charity Game

22, 24   Charity Game

May 1       Grass Root Fund

6, 8     STAC

13, 15   Grass Root Fund

20, 22   Unit Championship

June 3, 5       North American Pairs

10, 12   Club Championship

17, 19   North American Pairs

24, 26   Charity Game


January 16 Club Championship

February 20         Club Appreciation

March 19        Unit Championship

April 16     Club Membership

May     STAC

June 11         Club Championship

Practice Bridge at the Vintage House

With Arlene Holt

Thursday afternoons 1:00-3:00pm  

$5 Members   $10 Non-members


Join fellow beginning and intermediate duplicate bridge players at Vintage House on Thursday afternoons. This is a great opportunity to reinforce your play and review common bridge conventions in a non-competitive, relaxed setting.


Using pre-dealt boards, you will be able to compare your bidding and play with those who have previously played these hands in “competitive” games.

New Bridge Class

Play of the Hand

at the Vintage House with 

Sandy Hicks

Starting in June 6 - August 1, 2024 

Thursdays 9:30am - 11:30/Noon 

This is the 2nd of three beginning bridge class series for those who want a basic knowledge 

of the game.

For more information and to register, call VH at 707.996.0311

Bridge Club Directory Updates

We will update our Bridge Club Directory every Year in July. If you have any updates please direct them to: 

Barry Walner 

Sonoma Moose Lodge


Personal partnership assistance, Pairs Games:

For Mondays and Wednesdays

Adrienne Varin 


For Tuesdays

John Coulston 



Monday & Wednesdays

George Gordon 



Tony Jackson



Club Officers and Board Directors

September 2023

Rick Davis, President

Victoria Bonnington-Harper, Vice President

Shelia Malinowski, Secretary

Barry Walner, Treasurer

John Coulston, Hospitality

Barbara Lemme

Carol Werner

Tom Sheahan


Holiday Party, Dec 21, 2021

First Day Back at Moose Lodge, Dec 1, 2021

Longest Day Fundraiser

Sonoma Club supports Alzheimer's Association by hosting "The Longest Day" fundraising event each year on game day closest to June 21st, the day with most sunlight in northern hemisphere.  We are one of the top fundraising bridge clubs in California. Party, food, auctions, prizes, raffles - the works.