Please join us:


 20580 Broadway

 Sonoma, CA   95476

Proof of Vaccination Required

 Open Game

Monday & Wednesday @ 11:30am

Tuesday Non-Life Masters Game @ Noon

(0-499 MPs)

Coming in April!

"Understanding Conventions"

Wednesday Bridge Lessons 

with Sigrid Price

Beginning April 5th, Sigrid will teach a 45 minute bridge lesson every Wednesday before our usual game. 

Lessons will begin at 10:30am and end at 11:15am. Game time is 11:30am.

All lessons are Free and everyone is invited to attend, even if you are not staying for the Open Game.  

Lessons will include: Support Doubles, Negative Doubles, Reopening Doubles; Jacoby Transfers, Stayman, Smolen, Weak Two Bids, Splinter Bids, Drury, Inverted Minors and who knows what else!

Come, learn and have fun!

Continuing Pro/Am Games!

Our next pro/am game will be held on

Monday April 17 at 11:30am (not noon).  

Our other 2023 pro/am games will be on:

Wednesday July 19

Wednesday October 18 

Our pro/am game requires all pairs to have a 

Pro (500+ Master Points) and an Am (less than 500 Master Points)

 These games are an opportunity for many of our newer players to play with a more experienced partner.

Join us for a friendly learning experience


If you would like to play and need a partner please contact either John Coulston 707-696-7937

or Eileen Holston 707-933-1444

Please note: On Pro/am days, 2 pros cannot play together 

nor can 2 ams play together

Valentine's Day  

We celebrate Valentine's Day on Monday February 13th. We'll have homemade cookies and a box of delicious See's chocolates that you could win in our drawing.

Come join us!

Bridge Club Directory Updates

We will update our Bridge Club Directory every January and June. If you have any updates please direct them to 

Barry Walner 

Practice Bridge at the Vintage House

With Arlene Holt

Thursday afternoons 1:00-3:00pm  

$5 Members   $10 Non-members


Join fellow beginning and intermediate duplicate bridge players at Vintage House on Thursday afternoons. This is a great opportunity to reinforce your play and review common bridge conventions in a non-competitive, relaxed setting.


Using pre-dealt boards, you will be able to compare your bidding and play with those who have previously played these hands in “competitive” games.

Sonoma Moose Lodge


Personal partnership assistance, Pairs Games:

For Mondays and Wednesdays

Eileen Holsten



For Tuesdays

John Coulston 



George Gordon 



Club Officers and Board Directors

September, 2022

Joanne Wegsten, President

Victoria Bonnington-Harper, Vice President

Carol Werner, Secretary

Barry Walner, Treasurer

John Coulston, Hospitality

Barbara Lemme

Rick Davis

Eileen Holston

Shelia Malinowski


Holiday Party, Dec 21, 2021

First Day Back at Moose Lodge, Dec 1, 2021

Longest Day Fundraiser

Sonoma Club supports Alzheimer's Association by hosting "The Longest Day" fundraising event each year on game day closest to June 21st, the day with most sunlight in northern hemisphere.  We are one of the top fundraising bridge clubs in California. Party, food, auctions, prizes, raffles - the works.